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Christmas Tree Crispies

6 cups rice krispies type cereal, most other cereals work just as well.
1/4 cup margarine or butter
4+ cups mini-marshmallows (additional for decorating)

Optionals... ***food coloring
cake decorting sprinkles
colored super fine sugars
small candies
pipe cleaners
Christmas Cookie Cutters

Basic recipe give or take....
Melt margarine in a saucepan, then add marshmallows and cook over low heat stirring constantly, being careful as marshmallows burn easily, melt till smooth and creamy. You can make an extra sauce pan with marshmallow to use as snow frosting and to help decorations adhere. If you are going to make all christmas trees you can add green food coloring at this time. In a large bowl add cereal and stir well till evenly coated and sticky enough to hold a shape. Spray cookie cutters with a non stick coating or butter them, and place on a flat surface. Now the fun part....make sure your hands are clean!! Grab out some cripsie mix and press into cookie cutter, then carefully pull away the cookie cutter. Take the tooth pick and make a hole large enough for a pipe cleaner to fit through so you can hang your delight on the tree. Now use your imagination and decorate!!! But be very carefully as these treat tends to disppear. After the Christmas Season these made be hung outside animals* seem to enjoy this treat as well

***If you would like to make these for the outside animals...while mixtures is still warm, shape into little balls and stick a tooth pick all the way through the center so you can use you can then put pipe cleaner all the way through to secure this to an outdoor branch. while stil warm and sticky roll in bird seed or chopped nuts...and then hang outdoors.

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