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All Strings Attached...

Now when was the last time you saw a paper chain on a tree? They are so pretty, and so easy to make, especilly for the little ones it keeps them occupied. Just cut colored construction paper into 2 x 6 inch strips...staple or glue the end together and then loop into next link...this can go on and on and on and on...and it is fun!
Paper chains can also be made from any material and glued or staples togethered and then decorated with glitter and a little glue.
Now how about a noodle chain...yep pasta too!! Comes in pretty colors (spinach and carrot) and a little holiday colored yarn, a knot in between the pasta links to space them, and a little poster paint can create a masterpiece for years to come...p.s. get large holed a straight rigatoni, and don't cook it!
Now for you who like nuts...yep yep you can use unshelled peanuts and make long dangles. Why you can even spray paint them before you tie each on a colored piece of yarn...then group about 4-5 together tie all the strings together...and presto a nutty ornament.
Now how about pretzels...done the same way as the and adults just love these edible ornaments. Pretzels come with white green and red dips on them. Now after the holidays you just eat as you undecorate!

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