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Jolly Ornaments

Metal Cookie Cutters
Several Bags of Jolly Ranchers Candies
tooth picks
Non stick baking spray or oil
Long pipe cleaners

pre heat oven to 350

Place aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and spray with non stick baking spray. Then spray cookie cutters throughly and place them onto sheet. Add Jolly Ranchers Candies into Cookie cutters at least a double layer. Put into pre heated oven and allow candies to melt evenly in the cookie cutter...or just until tacky and spread within the cutter. You want finished candies to be 1/4-1/2 inch thick. Take out of oven and let cool, while still tacky pierce a hole with tooth pick in top of each. Allow to cool thoroughly, and then place pipe cleaner in hole and hang from Christmas Tree.
These are so pretty they look like stained glass....but taste much better!!!

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