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The Village...far away...

This could be a scene or story from any place in the far European could even be a scene today. Many small villages celebrate Christmas, and some not even at the same time we do. There are no Malls, or transpotation, just villages. These villages are built around their churches, and very strong traditions are carried through the generations.

Here in this vilage the celebrating of Christmas is quite simple. Villagers go from door to door, and as they gather they dance and sing...presents...yes but the presents are of baked or smoked goods or a beautifully sewn article of clothing. Children are given candies beautifully wrapped in colored paper.

In each home a "den" or nativcity is set up. The children are allowed to play with the wooden figures in it, each telling the story of the Christ Child.

Highlights of the evening when the family finally returns from caroling, is a big supper, generally served very late in the evening. Then they all gather round as the elders in the family tell fortunes by dripping hot wax into water. They see what pattern and type of line it forms, and that determines the fortune the reader will tell you.

Old Folklore stories are told to the new generations that never tire of listening to them. For someday they will tell their childen.