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The Story of the Unpredictable Snowman

The Snowwman is unpredictable character, you just never know how long he will be around, if the weather gets to warm he just slowly goes away...but if it is cold out, he can stay around for a very long time.
They have also been known to be quite where did my snow man go....Oh no he is missing...

Please help me look for him

You look behind the trees

I will check out behind the snow drift

Did you find him?

No, that is his cousin..."Frosty", keep looking

I see him...he is hiding behind that hill, lets go....we will sneak up behind him, and surprise him. But be very quiet, snowmen can hear very well...shh....shh....shhh.

shhh....shhhh there he is, shhh

AWWW No!.... I told you they could be mischievous didn't I...

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